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Recipes for health is a collectrion of "recipes", either the typical cookbook kind, or as a quick reference for information on ingredients and "how tos". They will be listed in alphabetical order for easy finding!

A-Natural Ant Killer Recipe

You will need:
1 empty water bottle
(Cut it down to about 2" tall)
5 Tbsp of baking soda
5 Tbsp of powdered sugar
3 Tbsp of water. 

A-Arthritis (Protandim)

Great results on horses in 3 days racing or just the geriatics, It is an indirect antioxidant, increase the SOD (Dynamite product) by 34% min. Catalase by 40% glutathione by 300% 11 independent studies complete.

Bronchitis Recipe

Dynamite® Solace™  1 tsp. mixed in 8 oz of distilled water. (Mix and drink twice daily.)
  • No protein foods. (Feed a fever - starve a cold)

C-Calcium Deficiency Supplementation

CalciumDeficiency / Supplementation:

  • Best sources:  Amino acid chelate or calcium citrate. (You can make it easy with a whole egg. placed in a wine glass fill with fresh lemon juice set for 24 hours. Take 1 tsp of That mixture in juice per day.)

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