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B-How's Your Breathing?

   Oxygen is the most important substance of all required for life. We can go for days without water or weeks without food, but only for a few minutes without oxygen. Yet most of us take very shallow breaths, just enough to survive, not enough to experience optimum health. Proper breathing increases the oxygen level in the blood and tissues. We need about 90 pounds of oxygen daily to recharge the hemoglobin, enhance brain function, combat bacteria and virus, and to purify our system.

   Our lungs are one of the major organs of elimination. We breathe out carbonic acid, as well as carbon dioxide. In my practice, I notice that people who are very acidic are unable to hold their breath for more than a few seconds, because of the body's need to release the acid. Lungs work with kidneys as sister organs to cleanse the body. So if there is reduced kidney function, the person will often have increased mucus in the lungs, or a chronic cough.

   To stimulate the lung/kidney connection, make fists and gently thump your left lung point (just under and to the outside of your left collarbone point) with your right fist while you reach around behind with your left fist and gently thump over your right kidney. Then reverse the process, striking your right lung point with your left fist and your left kidney area with your right fist. As you do this, twist at the waist and work for a rhythmic pattern for several minutes. This stimulates the energy to both sets of organs.

   Another way to take the strain off the kidneys and lungs is to increase the alkaline reserve in the body, so the body will not have to retain water to dilute the acid. Eat 80 percent fruits and vegetables, and only 20 percent acid ash food such as meat, dairy, grains, coffee, etc. Take Herbal Green and Elixir, and do green drinks such as carrot juice with parsley, cucumber or other green vegetables. The optimum pH level of the blood which allows it to carry the maximum level of oxygen is 7.4. The more oxygen in the bloodstream, the better resistance you have to diseases, bacteria and viruses and infections.

   A great breathing exercise is my 1-4-2 Breathing. At first, breathe in deeply for a count of 2, hold the breath for a count of 8, and breath out for a count of 4. So the ratio is holding for 4 times as long as you breathe in, and breathing out for twice as long as you breathe in. Do a series of 10 of these several times a day, gradually increasing the time while keeping the ratio the same. You should soon be able to breathe in for 10 seconds, hold for 40 seconds, and breathe out for 20 seconds. A great time to start is while you are still in bed in the morning. It is a great way to wake up and get your body and brain going.

Any time during the day that you feel stressed or sleepy, or if you have a headache, is a good time to do a series of 10. Deep, rhythmic breathing is a natural tranquilizer and regulates the heartbeat.

   Conscious connected breathing is a source of deep peace, and keeps you in present time. If you ride or deal with animals, you will find that they will synchronize their breathing with you. An upset animal can often be calmed by taking deep, slow breaths, and you will find the animal breathes too. Deep breathing also aids digestion by massaging the internal organs. It helps the return of blood to the heart by creating negative pressure in the chest. We decongest the head and pull blood up from the legs decreasing pooling there, and encourage the flow if blood to the liver for processing of nutrients.

   So, practice 1-4-2 Breathing, alkalize your body with Dynamite minerals and healthy foods, stimulate your lung and kidney points daily, and remember to give thanks with each breath for your perfect body.


 "Air is the free blessing of heaven, calculated to electrify the whole system." - anonymous


Yours in Health,