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B-Blood Chemistry-Part 5 & 6

When  I offer suggestions of what to test for use, always do the testing (see kinesiology article). Also, these suggestions assume that you are taking one of the Dynamite® multiple vitamins, either Dynamite Nutritional Supplement for Adults and Children or Dynamite Plus™.   

NOTE: These suggestions are not intended to diagnose or prescribe, merely to offer suggestions of nutritional support.
"Regan's Normals"
Total Protein 7.2-7.5
  BUN/Creat. ratio 13-17 
Albumin 4.0-4.3
  Uric Acid 4.5-6.0 
Globulin 2.5-3.5
  Calcium 9.7-10.2 
A/G Ratio 1.35-1.60
  Phosphorous 3.0-3.5 
Bilirubin  0.4-0.6
  Cholesterol 150-260 
S.G.P.T. 18-22
  Triglycerides 40-160 
S.G.O.T. 18-22
  Glucose 85-110 
Alkaline Phos. 65-80
  Sodium (NA+) 140-143 
LDH 150-170
  Potassium   (K+) 4.0-4.3 
Bun  13-17
  Chloride 100-104 
Creatine 0.7-1.0