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B-Blood Chemistry-part 4

Body Lipids
Serve primarily as a source of energy for metabolism. Among their other important functions is their part in the make-up of cell membranes integrity and their role as precursors of steroid hormones and bile acids.
   The American diet (average) intake of lipids constitutes about 40% of the calories in the diet. Remember fats are neutral pH. It is rancid or altered fats, i.e. fried, hydrolyzed or use of non-fats as fats (canola oil) that play havoc on the system. 
   After ingestion, the lipids pass through the stomach on to the small intestines where digestion takes place. The majority of the triglycerides are hydrolyzed into their components, fatty acids and glycerol by pancreatic lipase. Cholesterol, and alcohol, is similarly hydrolyzed.
   Absorption of fat is facilitated by bile from the gallbladder, which hopefully will neutralize the acid bolus coming from the stomach to a pH of 7.2-8.4. If the bile doesn’t do this due to an over acid condition within the body the whole system goes on tilt, and the pancreatic enzymes are not able to perform, not to mention pancreatic lipase and phospholipids. Cholesterol is absorbed into the lymph in both the free and the esterified form. The fatty acids are actively absorbed by the intestinal cells where they are reconverted into triglycerides and then discharged into the lymphatic or portal blood.
   Dietary intake affects blood cholesterol levels by about 5%. Cholesterol is synthesized in the reticlulum cells and histiocytes throughout the body but chiefly in the liver. Under the influence of iodine, carbohydrates, amino acids, and other fats are converted to cholesterol. As I see it the more capillary fragility (internal bleeding) from tumor growth, etc. the higher the cholesterol needs to be to assist in repair and the lower the thyroid goes due to the iodine being used for production of cholesterol, so the lower the energy and lower body temperature. Triglycerides are also assembled in the liver form glycerol and fatty acids. The liver is the main organ of regulation of the blood lipids.

Cholesterol:  (150- 260 mg/l)
   High cholesterol: 
   1) One possibility is the lubricator proteins are not being broken down properly or that combustion is not available or high amount of internal tissue destruction. Indicator: Very high cholesterol. Test for use:  Dynamite® Elixir™, Waiora Natural Fiber,  Wachters' Phyter-Zyme, celery juice, and decrease grains and proteins.
   2) Excessive hydrogenation of fats in stomach (pepsin/HCL imbalance).
Indicator: Low phosphorous. Test for use: Dynamite® Elixir™, okra pepsin.
   3) Hyperthyroid situation. Indicator: Low T4. Test for use: Wachters' No. 22 Sea Vegetation.
   4) Anterior pituitary inadequacy. Indicator: Elevated BUN with triglycerides low or normal. Test for use: Cranial work, Waiora Essential Daily Nutrients, Wachters' 'Elemental Greens, massage bottom right big toe aggressively.
   5) Bile emulsification problem. Indicator: Low calcium and low bilirubin. Test for use: Waiora Natural Cellular Defense, Bieler’s broth and Dynamite® Solace™

In all cases increase your green vegetables, B-complex (choline and inositol) and whole lecithin granules. 

   Low Cholesterol (skin conditions)
   1) Fat is congested in the liver, because the liver sinusoids are swollen shut, due to histamine reaction.Indicator: Low SGPT and low triglycerides. Test for use: Dynamite® P.M.S. Premium Magnesium Supplement™.  Ratio of calcium to magnesium needs to be 1:4
   2) Thyroid is failing to release the nitrogen bond.Indicator: High T4. Test for use: Wachters' No. 22 Sea Vegetation.
   3) Oxidation problem within the stomach (pepsin/HCL imbalance). Indicators: High Phosphorous. Test for use: Wachters' #92 Antioxidative Cell Food Supplement.
   4) Congestion in gut due to bile salts inadequacy. Indicator: High Calcium and low total bilirubin. Test for use: Apple juice (fresh made) 1oz. Per pound of body weight for 3 days. No protein or fats 3 days. Then do 7-day carrot salad.  

Triglycerides: (40-160mg/l)
   High Triglycerides:
   1) pH of glycerol is too acid due to diet and lack of potassium via phosphorylation in stomach. Indicator: Altered phosphorous. Test for use: Waiora Detox Tea, Dynamite® Tri-Mins Plus™ 
   2) Fatty acids are not properly oxidized in the gut by pancreatic enzymes. Indicator: Low calcium. Test for use: Waiora Natural Fiber, Dynamite® Athletic Formula™ and lecithin.
   Low Triglycerides:
   1) pH of glycerol is too alkaline due to lack of infusion of chloride via phosphorylation in stomach. Test for use: Betaine HCL.
   2) Fatty acid congestion in the liver. Indicator: Low SGPT and low cholesterol. Test for use: Wachters' #94 Stess Tonic, Waiora Essential Daily Nutrients,  lecithin granules and Dynamite® P.M.S. Premium Magnesium Supplement™.  

Uric Acid  (4.5-6.0)
At every level of protein combustion there remains 2 by-products an oily residue (mucus) and a carbon ash (uric acid).  Protein, in order to be fully combusted must be moved across blood vessels walls and must be influenced in the duodenum by trypsin and chymotrypsin from the pancreas.
   High Uric Acid:
Indicates an excessive mucus condition.  If there is more carbon ash in the blood stream, then there will be more mucus on the membrane.  This is the result of incomplete protein assimilation at the cellular level or gut level. Test for use:  Waiora Natural Cellular Defense, Waiora Essential Daily Nutrients, Dynamite® Elixir™, black cherry juice and stop intake of animal protein.
   Low Uric Acid:
Indicates the possibility of intervesicular parasites, presence of eosinophils and basophils. Test for use:  Dynamite® Miracle Clay™ every other day , Dynamite® S.O.D.™ and Dynamite® Trace Minerals Concentrate.  

Glucose (85-110)
   Glucose is an important fuel for body metabolism.  For some tissue (the brain) it is almost the sole source of energy.  The forces that maintain its blood level within a relatively narrow range are of great interest.
   Glucose enters the body by way of the mouth in the form of starch, dextrin, or other carbohydrates.  In the gastrointestinal tract these substances are broken down first by ptyalin, pancreatic amylase, lactase, and other enzymes.  The glucose is then absorbed in the small intestine and stored as glycogen primarily in the liver.
   The liver is also the primary site of glucose production.  It converts lactic acid to glycogen and subsequently converts this to glucose under the influence of epinephrine (fight or flight scenario).  The liver may convert fat and protein to glucose by way of the Kreb Cycle.  This seems to be influenced by adrenal hormones.

There are a lot of organs that are involved in the homeostatic blood sugar regulation.
Liver: Stores and releases glycogen. 
Pancreas: Pancreatic insulin secretions permeate capillaries and deliver sugar from the blood to Extracellular fluids. 
Adrenals: Secretions of glucocorticoids cause the liver to release glycogen into the blood.
Gonads: Deliver extracellular glucose to the cells.
Thyroid: Affects the storage of glycogen in the liver. 
Thymus & Spleen: Function of these organs affects the liver levels of iron and copper which affects the Livers ability to properly handle glucose.

The main thing that glucose points out that the whole system has to work together and the high blood sugar is not just a function or lack of function of the pancreas. If one does a 6 hour glucose tolerance test, which I do not recommend especially for pregnant mothers, too much stress, if it needs to be done ask the doctor if you can just load up with carbohydrates instead of their drink.

1st half-hour indicates Liver
1st hour indicates Pancreas
2nd hour indicates Adrenal
3rd hour indicate Gonads
4th hour indicates Thyroid
5th and 6th hour indicates Thymus and Spleen  

So, one can see that:

Dynamite® Athletic Formula™ and Waiora Natural Fiberworks on the Pancreas, Adrenals and Gonads.

Dynamite® S.O.D.™would work on the Liver, Thymus and Spleen

Wachters' No. 22 Sea Vegetationworks on Gonads and Thyroid.

Waiora Natural Cellular Defense, Waiora Essential Daily Nutrientsworks on Liver and Adrenals.

The Bottom line is get your 1st urine in the morning to 6.8 pH.