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B-Blood Chemistry-Part 1

Many times a doctor will say, "Let's get a blood profile." Then they will report, "It's all within normal." But you still feel off. What I have noticed happening to "normal" ranges is they have changed several times since I began in the healing arts. So, I'm going to give you "Regan's Normals" and what nutritional supplement to test for use for changing those numbers. Remember, our blood turns over every 120 days.
You may need a dictionary to read and understand some of this but hit the high points at least. Much of this information comes from "Guyton's Medical Physiology," and Dr. Brockman's work.  
Total protein:  (7.2-7.5)
Refers to the tissue building complex which has been stored in the liver on its way to the cells. It is difficult to just look at the total protein, because so many organs and glands are involved in protein digestion. Therefore, we look to the protein fractions albumin and globulin.  
Low Protein
Rarely is a low protein count due to an insufficient intake of protein. If low, Test for use: Dynamite® Elixir™ to aid stomach acid or Betaine Hydrochloride with protein meal.
Also, eat your meat on the rare side. This should not be a problem if you are taking the above products. 
Albumin:  (4.0-4.3)
Makes up the largest percentage of total protein and is responsible for 80 percent of the colloidosmotic pressure between blood and tissue fluids. 
High albumin:
1) One possibility is an indication of vessel sclerosis, check for altered T4 and Bun. Test for use: Waiora Essential Daily Nutrients or Dynamite® P.M.S. Premium Magnesium Supplement™.
2) Another possibility is an indication of a lack of metabolic programming with copper by the parotids. Check for low calcium/phosphorous ratio and high T4.
Test for use:Dynamite® S.O.D.™, Dynamite® Herbal Green and Dynamite® Elixir™.
Low albumin:
Indicates a low blood viscosity, mostly followed with dilute or die syndrome (water retention), nutritional congestion and toxic build-up
1) One possibility is kidney disease. Check for albumin in urine. Test for use: Waiora Essential Daily Nutrients.
2) Second possibility is liver production of albumins is sluggish. Check for low SGPT. Test for use: Dynamite® P.M.S. Premium Magnesium Supplement™, Dynamite® Tri-Mins Plus™  and Waiora Essential Daily Nutrients.
3) Third possibility is low protein intake or unusable protein intake.
Check for at least 20 grams of protein intake or very bad smelling flatulence.
Test for use:Dynamite® Elixir with protein meals. Cook meats rare (medium at very worst) and do not use microwave on proteins. 
Globulin:  (2.5-3.5)
The next highest blood protein.  It is important in immune response. 
High globulin:
1) First possibility is the toxic process. Check for high total bilirubin and related lymphing. Test for use: Dynamite® S.O.D. and thymus pump (beat on upper part of sternum while tongue is on roof of mouth).
2) Second possibility is tissue breakdown. Check for high creatine. Test for use: Dynamite® Zinc Plus for Men (men) or Dynamite® Manganese Plus(women), according to gender. Also Test for use: Waiora Natural Cellular Defense and Wachters' Phyter-Zyme.
3) Third possibility is inability of spleen and endoplasmic reticulum of the liver to tag invasive organisms, wrap them in fat and carry them to appropriate areas. Check for low T4 and SGPT normal or low, maybe altered bilirubin. Test for use: Waiora Natural Cellular Defense, Dynamite® Solace™, Dynamite® Trace Minerals Concentrate and Dynamite® S.O.D.™.
4) Fourth possibility is acute infection or increased amount of nonspecific protein.
Check for low bilirubin. Test for use: Waiora Natural Cellular Defense, Dynamite® Solace™ , Dynamite® Trace Minerals Concentrate or Dynamite® S.O.D. and B-12.
Low Globulin:
1) First possibility is the inability to tag substances at the portal of entry. Check for elevated T4. Test for use: Wachters' No. 22 Sea Vegetation and do thymus pump.
2) Second possibility is kidney disease. Check for altered sodium. Test for use: vitamin A, Waiora Natural Cellular Defense, Dynamite® Herbal Green™, Wachters'® Formula C™, Parsley tea, green drink.
3) Third possibility is fatty necrotic liver. Check for Altered BUN and SGPT. Test for use: Waiora Essential Daily Nutrients, Dynamite® Tri-Mins Plus™ , Dynamite® Athletic Formula, increase B-vitamins.
4) Fourth possibility is colloidal proteins are not being absorbed. Check for low calcium, high phosphorous, low total protein. Test for use: Dynamite® Elixir™, Betaine Hydrochloride, Dynamite Nutritional Supplement for Adults and Children, Wachters' No. 22 Sea Vegetation.
Albumin-globulin ratio:  (1.35-1.60)
The representation of fibrinogen in the blood. This is the thickness and determines the clotting ability. 
High A-G ratio
Indicates an increased viscosity of blood with a tendency to clot formation. Test for use: Dynamite® Athletic Formula™, Dynamite® S.O.D.™, Dynamite® Trace Minerals Concentrate, Dynamite Plus™.
Low A-G ratio
A sub-clinical hemophiliac condition which can cause joint space to puff with blood, with small bleeding around nerve roots. Test for use: Ester-C with Bio-flavonoids, Dynamite® Tri-Mins Plus™ , sesame seed oil (internally, also externally on affected joints).