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Thyroid Function and Basal Metabolic Rate

Thyroid function is very important in basal metabolic rate. As I see it, the thyroid a lot of times reaches burnout due to over-stimulation of the adrenals, which become exhausted. This over-stimulation can be from coffee or pop, excess protein, stress, etc. The thyroid tries to pick things up for a while, until it becomes exhausted and then a person experiences fatigue, intolerance to cold, loss of appetite, weight gain, muscle weakness, depression, hair loss or inappropriate hair growth, dry and scaly skin. So, I feel that a better test than a blood test for thyroid function is an iodine patch test.

First, get some tincture of iodine (the same stuff that you put on cuts and scratches, that stains your skin). Paint a 1 inch square on the inside of your arm just below your elbow. The stain should stay present for at least 24 hours, if it disappears in less than 24 hours, this means your body is trying to get iodine wherever it can. Even though this iodine is inorganic, your body will try to use it. I recommend to start on some Wachters Sea Vegetation 3-9 per day Standard Process Labs Thyrotrophin , just one a day at first. Also add some seaweed into your diet via soup or rice rollups with seaweed.

The next test that can be done for thyroid function is an underarm temperature test. Shake down a thermometer to 95" F and put it beside your bed. When you first wake up, before moving around, put the thermometer in your arm- pit and lay there quietly for 15 minutes. Your temperature should be above 97.6 F. Keep a daily log. The temperature should start coming up as you build your iodine reserve. To help your thyroid work better, use a neck roll to assist in the normal cervical curve. People that work at a desk or computer, looking down all day, straighten out the cervical curve and put pressure on the thyroid. Take a bath towel and fold the two long sides in to meet the middle. Then start at one end and roll the towel tightly. Lay down on your back with the roll behind your neck, down as close to your shoulders as you can, for 20 minutes each day. And avoid sleeping on your stomach at night. ears to the sky release your back walk tall.