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M-Milk Has Something For Everyone!

Milk Has Something For Everybody

By Dr. Regan Golob, DC


   This article was prompted by one that I read in USA TODAY about the first week in January. They stated that Asthma was on the increase and more people died of Asthma in 1994 than in any previous year. I found this a good confirmation for one of my keen observations, which was: more and more patients coming in with Asthma, and starting at younger ages.


   Dr. John Christopher, Naturopath and Herbologist, taught me the cycle of colds, bronchial congestion, asthma, and then death. Colds are a way the body gets rid of excess mucous. If suppressed with antibiotics, or decongestive drugs, the problem will switch to sinus and bronchial congestion. The next compensation is Asthma, which is masked with bronchial dilators and steroids. These drugs are very necessary for sustaining life at this stage and should only be removed by a doctor who knows what he is doing.


   So, if one wishes to get to the cause of the problem, one I has to eliminate mucous forming foods products and WHEAT products. Dairy is the worst offender. Humans and domestic cats are the only (adult) mammals that consume milk. There are a lot of problems with milk and I will name a few, but there is a little book called, "HOMOGENIZED" by Nicholas Sampsidis, M.S. that you might wish to read.

   The biggest problem with milk is man's attempt to improve on Mother Nature. First we kill the milk with pasteurization. Then, we try to get a more consistent product and increase shelf life with homogenization. Then to make it even worse, we take an acid food and increase the acidity by taking the fat out. So, when I hear mothers say, "If you're not going to eat your food, at least finish your milk and you can go," it makes me cringe.

Human milk is optimally 1-1/2% protein. If it gets to 2 % protein we have a baby that is going to have colic -- not fun for the kid or the people around them.

   Cows milk is 18% protein... see the picture? The higher the protein content of a mammal's milk, the faster they reach adult size and the shorter the life-span. (What are we doing subsidizing dairies?).

   In conclusion, if you have asthma, bronchial problems, sinus congestion, or frequent colds ... STOP all dairy products and wheat products, START taking DYNAMITE® S.O.D.™ and Herbal Green™.


Milk has something for everybody:

   mucous, osteoporosis, heart attacks, asthma ...