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H-Holiday Eating

   Try to eat 75% alkaline foods (fruits and veggies), and remember that protein is acid-forming. Should you choose to eat ham, turkey, etc., bolster your alkaline reserve with extra Dynamite® Herbal Green™, Dynamite® Elixir™, and Dynamite® Tri-Mins Plus™. I often take 3 Dynamite® Tri-Mins Plus™ before a holiday meal, and some Dynamite® Elixir™ in a little water afterward to aid digestion.

   Be aware of proper food combining. Do not eat protein (meat) and starch (bread) or sugars (dessert) at the same meal. The starch and sugar which digests quickly becomes trapped in the stomach with protein, where the starch ferments into sugars and then alcohols (phenols and formaldehyde). Eat meat and vegetables, or starches and vegetables. Fruit should be eaten alone, preferably at the beginning of the meal, about 10 minutes before the other foods. Each type of food requires different enzymes to digest it. Undigested food ferments in the digestive tract, causing gas and heartburn, and releasing toxins into the bloodstream.

   I feel that flu begins in the colon. You will be lot more comfortable if you combine foods wisely. Try a little Dynamite® Miracle Clay™ in water if you experience indigestion, and share the tip with family and friends instead of taking commercial antacids.

   Chew your food thoroughly. Ideally, it should be in a liquid state by the time you swallow it. Digestion begins in the mouth, and complete chewing decreases the formation of mucus in the body.

   Go for a little walk after eating, instead of flopping on the couch. Be thankful for each meal. Blessing your food before you eat it actually changes the vibration to be healthier for your body. Even if you are served foods that are not your choice, remember that they were prepared with love and enjoy them. Thinking negative thoughts about the food creates an acid condition in your body.

   Drink plenty of distilled water between (wait 1/2 hour or more after eating) and do my carrot salad with your evening meal for seven days in a row at least a couple of times during the holiday season.