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E-The Body's Energy Field

The Body's Energy Field
By Dr. Regan Golob, DC

   Disease care for humans and animals in the Western World has excelled in biochemical and surgical approaches for acute care and treatment of chronic illness. The leading edge of modern health care is now channeling attention to biophysics, which recognizes that a body's energetic or bio-electrical system governs all body processes.

   It is a well established fact that electrical signals regulate heart rhythms, and that brain waves are electrical impulses that travel throughout the nervous system, controlling everything in the body directly or indirectly. Electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms graphically record some of these electrical impulses, millions of which flow ceaselessly throughout the body along electrical circuits, on energy meridians, to transmit important data between the brain and all body parts. Sensitive electronic equipment in medical and chiropractic research, as well as Kirlian Photography, have further proven that the energy field within and around the body is not just speculation but truly exists.

   For more than 4,000 years, Chinese medicine has utilized herbs and acupuncture to adjust the strength and quality of this energy flow, which affects both the structure and function of the body. The Western World is now realizing the benefits of this tradition of working with the biophysics of the body.

   Good nutrition plays a big part in both sustaining and directing life energy.

Footnote: Jim Zamzow (President-Dynamite Marketing) and I were able to experience the truth of this statement recently at Equitana. A woman there was doing Kirlian photography, so we each had a "before and after" photo taken (see below). The first photo was the baseline, the second was taken after putting a little Dynamite® Izmine™ on my finger and licking it off. The second photo is proof to me that Dynamite® Izmine™ is truly a "semiconductor"!


PRODUCT NOTES: Dynamite® Izmine™

   Dynamite® Izmine™ is an unusually effective mineral food containing more than 70 naturally-occurring minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, and bio-nutrients in a naturally chelated form. In The Phenomena of Life," Dr. George Crile points to the importance of electric conductivity, electric capacity and electric potential of the cells. These three elements are a measure of the cells' power of growth, function and resistance to infection. Dynamite® Izmine™ contains all the hypothetical requirements for cellular restoration of chemical and electrical potential. Metallurgist and geologist Slim Spurling says, "Mineral nutrition is important. If the metals in our cells are in proper relation and distribution to our gravity field then we are in resonance. We literally resonate with the music of the spheres."

   Dynamite® Izmine™ is available in pure encapsulated form, as a colloidal liquid extract in Dynamite® Elixir™ as a powder for homes and livestock, and is an important ingredient in many of the Dynamite® animal supplements. Experience this powerful natural supplement for yourself!










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