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W-Thoughts on Worming

By Judy Sinner, Dynamite Distributor
Here are some thoughts to help you formulate your own game plan:
• Horses who are on an optimal program of mineral support and balanced diet (sane protein level of 12% overall, preservative free, low sugars) and in great health probably do not need to be dewormed frequently. Do fecal checks at random, consider exposure, get input from your practitioner. These are horses that can benefit from herbal support for parasite control, and chemical deworming perhaps concentrated in the spring and early summer when parasite infestation is at a peak. Dogs likewise.

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W-Worming, Naturally

By Joe ** blog entry
When we began this journey with horses, now a whopping seven years ago, we were told to de-worm our horses regularly. Some said every six weeks. Every horse.
“Isn’t that stuff poison?” I would ask.

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