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A-Equine Abscesses

Buy the “Hepar” . . . at the co-op (or fred meyer??) and stick 5 pills into ¼ apple to feed to horse.
The first day 2x doses of 5 pills, then just one dose of 5 pills each day for 1 week. Take duct tape and make it into a multi-pronged “star” shape with no spaces to let moisture into the hoof. Try not to let the duct tape go up onto the pastern, as pulling it off the hair will be hard and uncomfortable for the horse . . .
Take a hard surface like cardboard piece in a hoof shape or Styrofoam-type hoof pad and place in center of star.
Take a diaper and wrap the hoof in it once you place the mudd mixture on the hoof. Put easy-type boot over it if you have one to help keep it out of the elements.
Leave it to draw out the abscess for a couple of days, then change. Change more often if horse is in a wet environment.